Visionary Leadership


In the highly competitive business world of the 21st Century, it is not enough to simply be technically competent or to understand how to manage processes. Now, in order to gain the maximum effective performance, it is vital that “Leaders” understand, and can work through, their most precious asset – their people.

This three-day programme, created and presented by a leading specialist in Leadership Development, shares some of the secrets of the top leaders in business today. Based on a process of carefully modeling the strategies, thought processes and behaviors of outstanding leaders in many areas of business, this course will enable you to:

  • Understand how to identify, and utilize, the unconscious motivators in your team
  • Develop the skill to bring different styles of leadership into play for different people at different stages of their development and motivation
  • Identify the unconscious strategies that people use for making decisions- and some for NOT making decisions – and put them to work
  • Build a skill set for effective performance management based on outstanding goal setting and a solution-focused approach
  • Put the square peg into the square hole by employing a “right-fit” approach to selection
  • Communicate and influence with elegance and integrity to get things done – fast

Who should attend this programme?

  • Supervisors, Managers, and Leaders at all levels up to, and including, CEO
  • Talent pool individuals seeking an effective skill set in their preparation for the step into leadership
  • Aspiring leaders in any area of business
  • HR professionals seeking to add extra expertise to their leadership selection processes
  • Anyone interested in helping people achieve their full potential through effective, scientific leadership


What will you learn?

This will be an interactive and practical journey. You will have constant opportunity to develop new skills and to practice them in readiness for return to the workplace. The programme will include:

  • Leader Vs Manager – what’s the difference?
  • Four steps to success

Creating a crystal clear goal
Powerhouse Planning
Dynamic Communication
Managing the transition

  • The who, how and when of Leadership
  • The three Prime Motivators – and how to use them
  • Personalities and how they impact on Visionary Leadership
  • Loading your language for success
  • Creative thinking the Disney way
  • Building a power network to get things done
  • Personal Action Planning – putting all this learning to effective use

How will you learn all of this in only three days?

Your guide on this fascinating journey is an outstanding professional business Trainer and Coach, Ralph Watson who has had the opportunity to work with, and study, many highly effective leaders in business around the world. He has coupled this knowledge of “Behavioural Modelling” with the use of NLP, Accelerated Learning techniques, Emotional Intelligence and good, plain fun to ensure that you will learn quickly and effectively in a fast-paced and supportive environment.

During the course of the programme, you will have opportunities to experience;

  • Trainer input
  • Open discussion and sharing of experiences
  • Individual exercises
  • Group sessions and tasks

The emphasis will be on enjoying a high-quality learning process, developing powerful and relevant skills, exchanging experiences and ideas and planning how to take all that back to the workplace and use it.