Check In – Chuck Out

Breakthrough Mastery Week

Let’s start with understanding the program title before I take you through the concept and contents of it.


Check-in is a term used primarily for announcing one’s arrival into a hotel, airport, seaport etc.; It is also defined to be the awareness and announcement of one’s emotional state to others. So, in other terms, you can consider it to be a process involving announcing your arrival coupled with awareness and information about one’s emotional state.

Chuck-out is to force something or someone out, eviction, thrown, booted, cast away, discard, dispose of, fling, toss etc.

Life is a packaged tour with several surprises thrown in. During this journey, we create and live with several experiences, memories, habits, emotions etc. These experiences, habits somehow become part of us and our personality. We sometimes are aware of them and a lot of times not so aware of them, yet, in most cases, we accept them in some form (even if we overtly continue to refuse their existence). If you do a quick life inventory check, you will know. To know how a belief, memory or experience is affecting us, we first need to look for it, acknowledge it and then figure out if it is worthwhile keeping it. Whatever the decision, we then need a process to either reinforce it (if it’s a good experience, memory, belief or habit) or resolve/ release it (if it is not serving us), please note resolving doesn’t mean forgetting it through the memory certainly stops bothering and affecting adversely.

Since time immemorial, Sages and behavioral scientists have been working to find techniques that would enable people to live a more meaningful life. Ancient Practices such as Yoga, Ho’omana and more recently Gestalt, NLP, and Hypnosis have techniques that can help you create desired results.

Check in – Chuck out is one such experience created using techniques of NLP, Hypnosis, Emotional Empowerment, Yoga and Ho’omana. It is an intensive learning experience lasting more than 70 hours spread over 7 days. Each day we have discussion sessions, learning session, and practice workshops. At the end of the program, participants will have tools and techniques that would help them achieve what they want and to help people they care for or their clients. The program is designed to create a transformational experience for all participants, all techniques would be demonstrated, taught and practiced by participants.

Dual Certification – All participants who achieve program outcomes would be rewardedNLP Practitioner Certificationand certificate of attendance for “Breakthrough Mastery Week”


  1. Seven Day residential programme, more than 70 hours of the intensive learning experience.
  2. Structured and modeled using some of the most effective intervention techniques
  3. Opportunity to learn Techniques of NLP, Gestalt therapy, Emotional Empowerment, Yoga and Ho’omana
  4. A multi-pronged learning approach that includes classroom session, Experiential workshops, open forum discussions and one-on-one interaction with an innumerable practice session
  5. Learning material that includes a very comprehensive manual and audio CDs
  6. Dual certification – NLP Practitioner Certification accredited by ANLP(India) and Certification of participation “Breakthrough Mastery Week”

It’s a very intensive experiential learning program, participants might be exposed to life-changing possibilities, only meant for people willing to embrace the change,