Emotional Intelligence Interventionist

A unique program that covers the basics of Emotional Intelligence, its impact and simple techniques to manage and master them. Facilitated by Master trainer Doris Greenwood with over 28 years of training experience.

Objectives and Outcomes for a 5-day Emotional Intelligence Interventionist

Your Outcomes for Emotional Intelligence

  1. Discuss the power of limiting emotions.
  2. Discuss the importance of Self-Management for professional excellence.
  3. Build your values and purpose for addressing emotions ethically.
  4. Frame outcomes and set new directions for Emotional Intelligence in your personal & professional environment.
  5. Managing unuseful emotional responses
  6. Apply a template to bring your visions into manifestation.


Addressing Emotions

  1. Learn to identify emotions without judgment.
  2. Discharge negative emotions by learning to embrace any emotion.
  3. Discover the patterns (neuro-programs) emotions are made of.
  4. Learn to change those patterns by influencing internal dialogues and movies.
  5. Demonstrate the ability to differentiate between a person and their emotion/ behavior and between emotion/behavior and intention.
  6. Introduction to the 5 Secrets for Emotional Intelligence. Practice application for daily challenging situations.


The Inner Neutral Place

  1. Empower yourself by creating distance to negative conditioning patterns
  2. Discuss the phenomena of perception (Perceptual Positions) for handling emotional states.
  3. Recognize and practice the process of association and dissociation for successfully handling emotions.
  4. Learn the Awareness Process to differentiate emotional patterns from who you truly are.
  5. Strengthen the Inner Neutral Place to handle emotions with a choice.
  6. Enhance awareness and neutrality for professional excellence in daily case scenario examples.


Handling emotional resistance and objections

  1. Discover the relationship between interactive resistance and the manifold unconscious ways of inner conflict.
  2. Learn to transform resistance into assistance in daily interactions.
  3. Enhance creating resourceful solutions.
  4. Deepen the understanding and application of the 6-Step Reframing model.


Transforming stimulus response

  1. Identify limiting stimulus-response patterns in the way of professional and healthy interactions.
  2. Discuss stimulus response and its relation to unresourceful emotions and compulsive interaction patterns.
  3. Define and practice interrupting states of mind to influence emotions resourcefully.
  4. Understand and apply the Swish pattern for breaking stimulus response


Emotional Responsibility

  1. Differentiate disempowered and empowered states of mind for being with emotions
  2. Practice language that empowers to successfully handle any emotion.
  3. Revert back to your initial outcomes for Emotional Intelligence.
  4. Apply the “Time Matrix Future Pacing” to optimally manifest the 5 Secrets and your new learning in your life. – Commit to a long-term application through specific partner exercise


Program Schedule