NLP for Personal Transformation (earlier NLP Diploma) is a new more powerful three-day program introducing participants to the power of NLP. This amazing program introduces and creates some really powerful tools for the participants to help them lead a power-packed life. Participants also have an option to upgrade their certification to Practitioner of NLP level by attending a three-day upgrade program of NLP.


Some of the topics discussed during this program are.

Behavioral frames

When you change the focus of your attention from necessities to possibilities; your creativity and inventiveness evolve to find your solutions and options you never even realized were there.
When you see ALL results as valuable feedback, there is no such thing as failure – only feedback and all results are very useful to you in your quest to discover what does work.
When you stop spending your time and energy avoiding what you don’t want and learn to concentrate your efforts instead on what you do want, fear is replaced with hope and enthusiasm.
Plus, two more practical, life-altering behavioral frames to install in yourself for immediate positive effect.

Building rapport and likeability

You’ll agree that you are always willing to do much more for people you like than those who you don’t like. You’ll learn how to get more people to like you.

Circle of Excellence

Imagine having a fantastic state/mood available for you to tap into whenever you need it? Any time you feel nervous or shy or frustrated or any way you don’t like feeling, all you need to do is trigger your circle of excellence to feel fantastic anywhere and anytime.

Meta Programs

These are those deeply programmed automatic responses and preferences we have that determine how we will go about making sense of our world, and how and why we react the way we do. Learning a few basic Meta Programs will help you to understand yourself and guide you towards making some of the changes you need to make so that success comes easily to you.

Active / Reflective

Some people spontaneously leap into action when they get an idea while others think and consider and gather information and wait for the right time. If you spend your life reflecting and collecting data and waiting for the right time, you might never do the things you dream of.

Sameness / Difference

Some people love change and difference, but most people are afraid of it. Some people actually become scared or defensive in the face of change. Do you prefer things to stay the same, or are you geared towards growth and massive changes to a better life?

Through Time / In Time

Are you always late or always early? Do you finish projects in time? Can you guess what the time is without looking at your watch? Are you often totally surprised at how much time has passed?

Towards / Away

As we discussed in the NLP Behavioral Frames, now you’ll get to see which way you are inclined to lean. Some are more motivated to protect themselves and avoid the things they don’t want than they are towards achieving and getting what they do want.

Perceptual Positions

This is a great way to get a glimpse of why other people behave as they do as you learn to begin to see things through their eyes, and also through the eyes of a detached observer.
You may have some dreams you don’t believe you’ll ever achieve. NLP has a formula for you to learn and to use to help you bring your dreams into reach by changing them into a ‘Well Formed Outcome’.

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