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Doris Greenwood is an expert in leadership and communication and has 30 years of experience in coaching and training. She has focused in the past 25 years on custom-designing programs for various organizations in the US and internationally. Her presentations offer practical interactive tools and inspiring experiences. Having visited India over 20 times, Ms. Greenwood developed her specialty in bridging cultural diversity. Her cutting-edge programmes create transformation in the attitude and accountability of participants.

Her qualifications include

  1. Certified Master Trainer in Neuro-Linguistic Programming from Society of NLP
  2. Certified ND (Doctor of Naturopathy) and counselor, Germany
  3. Business coach and wellness educator


The focus is on implementing practical tools for long-term success on the behavioral level and the importance of these programmes is their systemic effect on the organization. Her expertise is usually sought for at the executive and manager levels. As part of WisdomTree Solutions, she brings with her the guarantee of highly effective NLP based transformation programmes.